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How We Can Help Publicise Your Product Or Business

Recently one of our team of experienced journalists wrote a story about a shop in Caterham, Surrey, being given the rights to sell Action Man in the UK. That story appeared in a number of national newspapers and was then followed up on TV and radio all over the world.

As a result, the shop owner's phone has not stopped ringing from people who saw the story and want to buy an Action Man from him.

We don't guarantee we can do this for everyone, but we know how to write a story and how to place it with a national newspaper and/or magazine. We don't write the sort of press release that doesn't even get looked at or thrown in the bin.

We can also send one of our team of talented and experienced photographers to take pictures for you at an event or a product launch, supplying you immediately with a portfolio of pictures for you to select from and use.

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