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Ferrari Press Agency has a team of experienced and talented journalists who can tell your story in the best possible way and then sell it on your behalf, either to a national newspaper like the Daily Mirror, or to a magazine like Bella, or often both. We interview you, write the story, take the pictures and then use our expertise, experience and contacts to sell the story on your behalf.

We will always make sure you are happy with the story, and happy with the amount of money you will receive, before we send your story to anyone. Depending on the strength and appeal of your story, we can also handle requests from TV and radio stations who might want to interview you.

We never pressurise anyone into doing anything they are not happy about.

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Tina Leigh, 58, campaigned for tougher sentences for killer drivers following her 14-year-old daughter's death. Tina's story was placed with the Daily Express and a Sunday newspaper supplement. Tina said:

"It was very hard for me to talk about losing my daughter, but Ferrari's Carol Staples treated me with great care and made the experience much less difficult than I'd feared."

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